Hillary won the popular vote against Obama in 2008, but no one protested!

Hillary won the popular vote against Obama in 2008, but no one protested!  There is nothing new in defeat of Hillary Clinton in spite of her getting the popular vote, even though liberals deny a Trump presidency. In 2008, when Hillary Clinton ran against a political beginner by the name of Barack Obama for the Democrat Primary nomination, Hillary won the majority vote with 17.8 million votes compared to Obama’s 17.5 million votes.

She won 48.04% of the vote, and the eventual 44th President of the United States only 47.31% obtained votes. So why wasn’t Hillary the presumptive candidate for the Democrat Party? Hillary earned only 1,973 delegate votes compared to Obama’s 2,285, and the delegates decided the election results, much like the way the electoral college solves who will be the next President of the United States.

The founders built these calculations and balances into the election process to provide a fair opportunity for an election and the seamless transition of power, regardless of whose “turn” it is to be the next president. Where was the scare and outcry of liberals and millennials, the gnashing of teeth, rending of garments and the riot and anarchy in 2008 when Clinton lost to a man with absolutely no public service experience?

There have been only four other times when the system of checks and balances for electing a president got into the groove. In the recent years, identical incident took place in 2000 when Al Gore won the popular vote and George Bush won the electoral college vote.

How easy is to forget in such a few short years. The millennials were still living with their parents back then, but their only outcries were to have their basic survival needs met and their bottoms are not dirty. There is no difference.